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Falcon pool cue stick Falcon KC-04

Falcon pool cue stick Falcon KC-04 Retail price $231

Your price today is only $184,8 and you get free hard case and free shipping

With Free Shipping and Free case
your total savings is: US$ 114,2

US$ 46,2 - 20% off Retail price
US$ 69 - Free case
US$ 14,99 - Free joint protectors
US$ 15 - Free shipping


High resolution

Falcon cues are warranteed against material and manufacturing defects. If your cue has a flaw, simply contact the authorizeddealer you purchased it from and they will handle the rest. The warranty applies to the Original Owner Only and is not transferable.

Our products are made to withstand enormous pressure from straight-line impact (general shooting, breaking...etc). However, pleasekeep in mind that this is a product made of natural material. Misuse or abuse will eventually damage the product and will not becovered under warranty. Below we will list the most common types of cue defects, their causes and our warranty against each issue:

Side Pressure

Even an insignificant amount of side pressure can damage the cue in the long run: either externally - visible damage such as scratches and dings, or internally, creating an interior fracture in the wood. Even tiny fractures will be compounded over time, resulting in eventual surface cracks, breakage of the cue or warpage. Side pressure can be caused by leaning a cue against a wall, hitting the cue against any solid object (table, wall) or dropping the cue on the floor. Damages resulting from the above situations will not be covered under any circumstances. The only time your cue will be warranteed for lateral damage is when the damage can be proven to be due to a manufacturer!|s defect. If this is the case, the cue will break along the grain of the knot in the wood with out any dents or physical damage visible.


Our cues are only warranteed against warpage if the cue is NEW and UNCHALKED! Please check for the straightness at the time of purchase. Chalking a cue means you accept the cue in the condition it was received. Please understand that after purchase, we haveno control over how a cue is being treated and stored. Temperature and moisture play a crucial role in determining the stability of a natural piece of wood. Too hot, too cold or too moist can all perpetuate warpage and can be caused by simply leaving your cue in your car for even a short period of time! Therefore we assume no responsibility for warpage. Please note thatwood is a natural product and can warp over time through no fault of the manufacturer. *FYI: A slightly warped butt will not affect your play.

Regular Repairs

All repairs for regular damage such as dings, refinishing, re-tipping...etc, can be done through the Falcon plant at the owner!|s expense (including shipping both ways). Please contact the nearest authorized dealer for further instructions. Allow 6-8 weeks for completion from the date which the cue is received by Falcon Cues.

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